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Welcome to the Washington County Board of Education Finance Department module. Check here for news and in the Document Library to the right for travel and reimbursement forms. Contact us by email or interoffice extension.  The Chief Financial Officer maintains operations manuals for the Board’s key financial processes.  Individuals requiring access to these manuals are provided access to them as a part of their orientation and through ongoing professional development.  Other interested parties may contact the Chief Financial Officer at extension 1205 or through email at

Sandra McMaster, Deputy Superintendent                   ext. 1205
Susan Brantley, Controller                                             ext. 1228             
Kim Rhodes, Payroll Manager                                       ext. 1206             
Vicki Frost, Purchasing Manager                                   ext. 1253
Amy Chapman, Staff Accountant                                   ext. 1213
Lisa Cabe, School Activity Accounting Coordinator      ext. 1251             

School Bookkeepers:

Connie Brown, WCHS                                                  ext. 2212             
Mary Taylor, RRP & RRE                                               ext. 4208

Martha Poole, EMS                                                       ext. 3205

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